Firsts: My Adidas

Photos by Justin Jemerson

Photos by Justin Jemerson

When I was in the 4th grade, out on the playground getting teased for my Payless sneakers, I never thought I'd appreciate those moments. I never thought I'd be grateful that my parents were more focused on providing and my grades than the way Jason made me feel about not having the newest Nikes, FILAs or Reeboks like everyone else in our my class. 

I grew up far from poor, but my parents definitely prioritized what was important and what wasn't. Shoes wasn't amongst the former. At the end of every summer, we'd go back to school shopping at JCPenney outlet and Payless. All I wanted was to go Foot Locker and get a pair of Jordan's or Ken Griffey Jr.'s or anything of social value. Because those weren't options for me, my creativity and sense of style were essentially birthed out of circumstance. Instead of opting for obvious knock off sneakers at discount stores, I usually picked the plain ones with clean lines along with combat boots that resembled Dr. Marten's. I often times cut off any labels or painted over logos. I masked the shoes with loud, colorful clothes that were perfectly coordinated. Thank God for the '90s, right? 

When I was getting ready to go to 6th grade, to my surprise my mother took us to Foot Locker and told us to pick out ONE pair of whatever we wanted around $50. I'm not even sure what she said actually registered for the first 20 minutes after, but when it did, I didn't have to think twice about what I wanted. When we arrived I walked straight to the wall, picked out the shoe, asked the sales associate for a size 11 and nearly passed out from excitement when she brought it out to try on. What she rang up and I walked out of the store with in that black and white striped bag was a brand new pair of all white shell-toe Adidas with fat laces. I spent that night laces and relacing them again to make sure they were perfect for the first day of school that week. 

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Today, nothing's changed. I still carry the same still philosophy with me to this day. As well as those all white Adidas (minus the fat laces). I'm always looking for the most stylish pieces I can get my hands on for the lowest price. I check for design before I check the labels. I'm more focus on how it makes me feel than who designed it. 

This week's look is inspired by and an ode to my very first pair of "name brand" shoes paired with an Adidas t-shirt, ripped white ASOS denim and a thrifted, two-toned London Fog peacoat. 

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