Donuts: Rosstein + Randy's


One of my favorite childhood memories is running boring errands with my Dad on weekends when no one else wanted to do it. We'd go to places like Pep Boys and Home Base...the kind of necessary Saturday activities that put a kid to sleep. But I was more than willing to go because it allowed me to have one-on-one time with my father and connect with him. 

When we were done, he'd smile at me from the driver's seat and ask if I was hungry. Of course I was! I still get excited thinking about one our favorite culinary treats. I could barley see over the dashboard, but I could still spot that iconic giant donut right off the 405 freeway. I knew what time it was. We'd go to Quick N' Split, order a cheese burger and fries. Then we'd finish it with an order of Split's housemade vanilla ice cream and go next door to pair it with one of Randy's classic glaze donuts. It was the perfect pairing. 

I love inspired design. When I spotted Rosstein's Randy's Donuts influenced hoodie, it brought back all of these childhood memories with my Dad. It is perfectly designed down to the choice of color and illustration. 

Photo by Justin Jemerson

Photo by Justin Jemerson


I had the opportunity to visit Rosstein and meet Terry when he gifted me a few of his pieces. It's exactly the kind of business I love to support.

Terry's store is located right in the heart of Los Angeles in the Leimert Park area on Crenshaw Blvd. He initially thought about opening on Fairfax amidst all the more trendy LA-based streetwear brands, but decided it was best to open up in his own neighborhood. While the area is being gentrified faster than natives can keep up with, they're scrambling to hold on to their businesses and houses they've grown to love during their lifetimes. Terry is among the merchants and residents fighting to make this happen. 

This hoodie is the perfect piece for LA weather. Here I paired it with ASOS shorts, knee-high striped socks from Target, Burkenstock's and sunglasses. 




Rosstein Clothing is a Los Angeles based brand, dedicated to producing high quality streetwear at an affordable price. At RCLA we believe that everyone deserves to look fresh and feel great without spending an arm and a leg on quality. We guarantee innovation and creative designs for all walks of life.”
— Rosstein Los Angeles


Owner + Designer, Rosstein Los Angeles