Zen AF: Kimono is King

Photos by Justin Jemerson

Photos by Justin Jemerson

I rarely ever trend hump. Matter of fact, I'd say I've had 70% of the clothes I own for the last 10 years or so. I try to select classic pieces and sprinkle in something new ones every season. This bleach washed denim kimono is the perfect example. 

The kimono is probably one of my favorite new mens trends in a while. It's comfortable as hell and somewhat pushes the boundaries of traditional menswear. I've spoken so many times about my lifelong struggle with my weight and it also provides me with additional coverage for my gut. Haha! 

But seriously, this stylish robe, along with my oversized denim shirt and jeans with a bit of stretch are the perfect LA winter pairing. They provide me when a little bit of extra room as I start my journey this week back to a more svelte frame, healthier lifestyle and more zen state of being.