Donuts: The Boondocks


Aaron McGruder's work is just as much a part of my college experience at Morehouse as Homecoming, fried chicken Wednesdays, Club 580 (RIP) and Market Friday. When I reflect, it's right there sandwiched in-between all of those fond memories of attending one of the top HBCUs in the country, making lifelong friends and memories, and evolving from a boy to a man. 

My friends, brothers and college roommates, Room 050, have so many inside jokes stemming from the McGruder's hit animated series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim The Boondocks. Most notably "The Luther Burger" episode. 

In our crew, this is a classic and not just because it was hilarious. But because like everything we ended up doing in college, this episode sent us on an epic adventure is that still to this day one of our most beloved memories. 

After watching, we realized how easy (and how delicious) this recipe was to make ourselves. We piled in Sean's Honda Accord and set a course to Walmart. They had everything we needed, including Krispy Kreme donuts and Sweet Baby Ray's barbeque sauce. For less than $10 each, we happily purchased all the ingredients and made Luther Burgers for ourselves at home. 

The results were mind-blowing. They were even more delicious than we could have imagined and one of us even got the itis. We actually thought he was dead for maybe 10 minutes and vowed to only make these once every 6 months. Haha!