Zen AF: Yoko Coco + Bali

Bali is in my Top 3 of international trips I've ever taken in my life! It was everything I needed that I had no idea I did until I was there. 

My wife and I, along with one of my best friends Marquis and his wife Janae, spent Christmas and NYE 2016 in a beautiful, private 2 bungalow villa complete with our own rooms and restrooms, private pool, outdoor dining area and live-in "bulter" in Seminyak. 

Upon arrival, we were picked up by a man named Agus. He ended being our driver, guide and friend for the remainder of the trip. We really formed a bond with him and got to see some of the more popular sites in Bali, along with a bunch of stuff off the beaten path. We washed ourselves at the water temples, spent a gorgeous day at Karma Beach, partied at Potato Head, prayed and sang the Ruff Ryders anthem while segwaying at the rock formations, got $10 2-hour massages at our villa and ate some of the best food I've ever had in my life at Kilo Bali (3 times). Yes, the food was so good we went three times before leaving. 

The stomach flu I caught the last 2 days of the trip was worth all the discomfort. Every single moment of that trip with some of favorite people was the most beautiful, relaxing, inspiring and energizing experiences!

Do yourself a favor and take that trip across the pond. You won't regret it! 

Speaking of travel and Bali, that brings me to these two globetrotting rockstars...

Water Temples, Bali

Water Temples, Bali

Photos by Rita Labib

Photos by Rita Labib

My friend Ashley and her friend Brittnie have an amazing travel blog. They also have an incredible and very unusual story about how they met and got started. 


After finding out they were dating the same guy, AT THE SAME TIME and realizing they didn't hate each other, Ashley and Britt befriended one another and began to encourage each other to pursue their individual passions. They decided to stop making excuses, join forces and chase after the lives they've been talking about living.

They started YokoCoco to break out of what had become ordinary for them. The pair challenged themselves to achieve their bucket list of places to travel while hoping to inspire women to uplift each other and help them to discover who they are along the way.

Ashley is an artist living in LA, who is more of a Tomboy who'd rather wear shell-toes instead of stilettos and will make you spit out your drink laughing. Brittnie is a Southern girlie girl, often uses Kimoji's in place of words and whose life can be summed up as a series of arrivals and departures.  They both love to explore new places, rather be mermaids and Netflix is their shit.

They feel like if this all fails and no one reads their blog besides their mothers, at least they'll have some incredible pictures and crazy stories to tell their grandkids about the time they went rogue and grabbed life by the cojones. But with thousands of followers and views after only under a year of launching, I doubt they'll EVER have to worry about that.

Watch the video below to see how they got their ZEN during their last adventure in Bali! And don't forgot to follow them on Instagram

We’re never coming back!