Nineteen90 Something: Brunch2Bomb


Imagine. You're close to 30. You're not quite all partied out yet, but the traditional club scene doesn't work for you anymore. You're beyond standing in long lines in the freezing cold only to get to the front to be charged upwards of $20-50 for entry (depending on the weekend). You're beyond navigating through the smoke machines and blinding strobe lights in attempts to find your friends while having strangers knock your glasses to and from so much that by the time you reach them you're drenched in $60 worth of alcohol and your own money. The DJ is playing yet another top 40 hit from another mumble rapper you've never heard of, who sounds like the last one that just played. If any of this sounds remotely familiar then you're just like my people and I. 


My friends Adrienne and BJ (DJ Benjamin Walker) have created the perfect solution! In October of 2017, they launched and created Brunch2Bomb. B2B is a 90s R&B brunch and day party that gives you the polar opposite of the aforementioned vibes along with none of the anxiety. It gives you the opportunity to sleep in, arrive at your leisure, eat some amazing food and wash it down an incredible drink, turn up with your friends and get home in plenty of time enough to prepare for work the next day. I'm talking go home, shower, have a nice dinner and watch This Is Us before you go to bed at a reasonable hour kind of time. 

I've been fortunate enough to host the first and last ones. The inaugural B2B was in celebration of season one of my show Butter + Brown and the last was to celebrate my birthday. Fun was had, food for devoured, drinks were consumed and I was Sgt. Swag Surf once again. Brunch2Bomb is everything I want in 30+ party life and more. 

Please don't miss the opportunity to catch the next one if you're in the Los Angeles area Sunday, February 25th. You can purchase tickets here.  Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram for all the latest updates. 



Brunch 2 Bomb is a monthly 90's R&B brunch for professional, urban millennials designed to attract attendees from all parts of Southern California; from the I.E. to the Valley, looking for a social experience that does not require bottle service, or knowing someone who knows someone to have a shot at getting in. These type of events are common on the east coast but they are needed in all major metropolitan areas, including LA.

As the average Hollywood consumer ages, their income increases while their tolerance for certain treatment drastically decreases. Unfortunately, the industry as is does not generally take these key consumers into consideration, making our brunch2bomb, target consumers, forgotten about all too often. especially on the west coast. 

Enter the solution, we've all been yearning for, especially here on the west coast B2B.


Adrienne is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur who is truly committed to seeing people of color succeed. She focuses on marketing and brand strategies, while specializing in social media presence and activation events. 

Benjamin is a club heavy DJ here in Los Angeles specializing in corporate events and music diversity. You can catch Benjamin spinning everything for Earth Wind and Fire to Daddy Yankee to Migos for everyone from small bars in Alhambra to Kerry Washington to OHM. 

Adrienne and Benjamin met in college at the University of La Verne, with little to no idea, they would be friends 15 years later. After not speaking for years after Benjamin hit Adrienne's phone a little too late while living with her then boyfriend, Adrienne and BJ reconnect about 8 years ago and picked up right where they left off. After reuniting, the two talked often about doing some kind of event together but Adrienne's time was consumed with her gig in corporate America. After jumping into entrepreneurship the idea had seemingly faded away. Until, Adrienne's 32nd birthday came around. With no big plans, she reached out to Benjamin to have brunch at a bar he DJs at in West Hollywood, Harlowe. The turnout was more than anyone could have imagined. 185 people showed up and Harlowe saw potential. With a little convincing from Harlowe and Benjamin, Adrienne soon came on board and Brunch 2 Bomb was born.