ATLiens: Kyle Webb

Like many of my close friends and associates, Kyle Webb is not like most people. 


I met my Morehouse brother during our college days in Atlanta through a mutual friend of ours, Sylvanna King, who has since passed. I remember our first encounter. He was more mature than the rest of us. His voice was deeper than ours. He was serious. I'd even call his demeanor perpetually intentional. Kyle didn't and still doesn't do anything without purpose or flies by the seat of his pants by any means. If he was going to a party, it was to get a number or 2. If he was drinking it was to get drunk. If he was going to class, he was en route to kick ass and take names. He's accomplished so much as a result of hard work, diligence and that aforementioned focus. He credits his parents for laying a strong foundation for he and his siblings. Kyle is one of the few people I know who absolutely doesn't need a graduate degree in order to advance and make more money, but yet and still he's enrolled in business school at USC as a personal challenge to himself and betterment of his own soft skills. 

Since our days at The House, we both moved back to Los Angeles and continued building on our friendship. He's someone who I admire and aspire to be like. Today, he's the proud and successful franchisee of two McDonald's locations, as well as the CFO of his family's company Webb Family Enterprises where they manage 16 locations. 


KKyle is the radical expression of community through service. He serves as Chief Financial Officer of Webb Family
Enterprises which owns and operates sixteen McDonald's franchisees, Webb Investments (which has investments  in restaurants, real  estate, green technology, and other local businesses), CEEM (Cooperative Economic Empowerment Movement) an economic and social empowerment initiative to improve quality of life and opportunities for African Americans, and consults small-to-midsize family businesses.

Kyle's passion for diversity and inclusion, allows him to serve in various leadership roles within the McDonald's community including on the board of the McDonald's Operators Association of Southern California, the So Cal People Team,    and the Advisory Council of the Inland  Empire Ronald McDonald House. Combined with his dedication to radical expression of community through service, Kyle serves on multiple boards including: Bright Prospect, a college  access organization that sees young people to and through college; The San Bernardino Community College District's Economic Development and Corporate Training Foundation; and University of La Verne's College of Business and Public Management's Advisory Council.

Kyle Webb is a Southern  California native and youngest of Reggie and Rene Webb's three     children. Kyle graduated from Morehouse College, with a degree in Business Administration - Finance,  and went on to work at The Walt Disney Company in the ABC Television Network's finance department. He  earned    his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. In his current  role at Webb Family Enterprises,  he continues to  train and motivate his staff and employees so that they may be able to live purposefully and fulfill their wildest dreams. 

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